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Geliştirici: Ian Ibbitson
29.99 USD

i3dOPlus is designed to allow anyone interested in lighting to quickly view the output of multiple light fixtures in a fast, and visually realistic way.

Lighting analysis and design should be quick and easy. The more quickly the software responds to the users questions, the more time there is left for exploration and experimentation - increasing the prospect of a great design.

i3dOPlus works with standard Type C IES format files allowing the user to position fixtures in a simple grid, and explore how light from each fixture projects onto a wall, the ground, or a surface as the position of each fixture is changed dynamically.

Using the fundamental equation: "illuminance = intensity/distance-squared" at the heart of its algorithmic engine, we believe that i3dOPlus is a major step forward in understanding the most ubiquitous commodity available...light, in the environment it is used.

1. i3dOPlus requires a Dropbox account to access IES files.
2. 9 fixtures and 4 groups are available per project.